Expenditure 2021

Nature Conservation Germany: 1.638 EUR foreign countries: – Monument Protection: Germany: – foreign countries: 1.000 EUR social work and support: Germany: 500 EUR foreign countries: 153.860 EUR total: 156.998 EUR expenditure for administration / fees: 8.084 EUR = 4,9 % the biggest positions in the year 2021 are: – technical equipment for the children hospital …

Figures from 2017

The ISO-ELEKTRA Heinrich Piepho Foundation invested 96,126.00 EUR in 2017 for project funding.

The foundation’s capital stock grew by endowment to 1,500,00 EUR.

Purchase of an agricultural field

ISO-ELEKTRA has recently acquired an agricultural area in Grünenplan (County Holzminden). The aim of the purchase auf the 9 ha area is the improvement of ecological farming and the realization of environmentally sustainable leasing receipts. In addition, a row of fruit trees will be planted along a dirt road in the winter half-year and restored …