Expenditure 2021

Nature Conservation

Germany: 1.638 EUR

foreign countries: –

Monument Protection:

Germany: –

foreign countries: 1.000 EUR

social work and support:

Germany: 500 EUR

foreign countries: 153.860 EUR

total: 156.998 EUR

expenditure for administration / fees:

8.084 EUR = 4,9 %

the biggest positions in the year 2021 are:

– technical equipment for the children hospital in Lusk (Ukraine),

– food-emergency-support due to Corona-Lockdown and education-projects in Bangladesh,

– education programme in Tanzania,

– building of stoves with lower fire-wood consumption and better savety in Nepal

In the district of Hildesheim and Holzminden in Lower Saxony / Germany 33.000 m² farming fields (for bio-farming) and 130.000 m² former industrieal area for the mining of clay (biotop with very high value for invertebrates, amphibians) were bought.

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